OT: 21 July 1923 – A Pre-War Competitor “[The Playing Of Piobaireachd]”

The Oban Times, 21 July, 1923

[The Playing Of Piobaireachd]

10 July, 1923

Sir,–As none of the Stewards have answered “Athlete’s” letter of 23rd June, may I be permitted to do so?

Those who attended the Argyllshire Gathering some fifteen years ago will remember that it took the form of one day’s games and one day’s yacht racing. Then the competitors of pipe music became so numerous that it was impossible to judge them all on the Wednesday, when the games took place, and so the Tuesday was added to the Gathering, and it was decided to fill it with competitions for men who have served in his Majesty’s Forces. Was it not an added interest when we saw a man of the Scottish Horse and Lovat Scouts taking part in the mounted competitions?

Let the “budding athlete” who was under age during the War join the Territorials or the Hoval Naval Reserve, and show his loyalty to his country, and he will then be equally eligible with those who have seen active service to enter for the first day’s competitions at the Argyllshire Gathering. –I am, etc.,

A Pre-War Competitor