PJ: 15 April 1911 – Unsigned “The Royal Collection of Piobaireachd, 2nd ed.” [Review]

The People’s Journal, 15 April 1911

Lovers of Highland music will welcome the publication of the second edition of “The Royal Collection of Piobaireachd” issued and published by Mr. John Grant, Edinburgh. Every loyal pipers should possess a copy in this the coronation year, because it contains a new “Salute to King George Fifth.” No Highland celebration will be complete without the stately and beautiful piobaireachd. It has been graciously accepted by his Majesty. A reproduction of the Royal letter is given in the volume. Another attractive feature is a frontispiece “the Pibroch” reproduced from the painting of a famous artist, and depicting a Highlander playing the bagpipe with poetic ecstasy. It is of special interest to pipers to know that the toarluath and crunluath variations of the tunes are written for the first time in the history of piobaireachd exactly as they are played. By timing these variations as Mr. Grant has done, a piobaireachd which is written from end-to-end in the same time, is a tune perfect in construction, and follows the theme in spirit and sympathy. The tunes are all of the very highest order, and have been accepted personally by those to whom they are dedicated. It is interesting to note that Mr. Grant was requested to appear before the Duke and Duchess of Hamilton to play his Grace’s Salute, and was awarded their complete praise of satisfaction with the melody. Their Grace’s instructed the author to prepare a copy of the Salute in illuminated Celtic design in form for framing, which was accordingly done and sent to Hamilton Palace in an oak and gilt frame for preservation. This new edition is worthy of the widest publicity. It will be welcomed by the old pipers, and to the rising men it should prove a means of inspiration and education in the art of ancient piobaireachd.