OT: 6 March 1937 – A. Macpherson “Angus MacKay and Piobaireachd”

The Oban Times, 6 March, 1937

Angus MacKay and Piobaireachd

 Inveran Hotel, Invershin, 22 February, 1937

Sir,–In reply to Mr. John Grant’s tirade of February 20th, I refrain from a controversy of personality; it would, I am sure, be distasteful to the many readers of the Oban Times, with the exception of Mr. John Grant.

In his “Flame of Wrath” Mr. Grant writes, “Mr. MacPherson has got a tree also, but the plums have fallen off.” To this I would simply say that the MacPherson tree is not one of plums or sour grapes, but one of coveted trophies won. After five successive generations, with a sixth springing up, the MacPherson tree is still flourishing. Mr. Grant, not I, has brought my father into this matter. To this I very strongly object. Has Mr. Grant forgotten the severe reprimanding he got at one time through your esteemed columns from the late respected Pipe-Major George S. MacLennan for having committed a similar offence.

Mr. Grant throws out a challenge, the nature of which is too absurd for me to accept. I will, however, make a counter-proposal, one more in keeping with the subject under discussion.

Although I have given up competing, will Mr. Grant meet me in the senior competition at the Argyleshire gathering (he cannot do so at the Northern meetings, because one has first to win the coveted gold medal), where we will be assured of competent judges, and let us put our respective merits to the test.

Failing this, Mr. Editor, will you do me the honour of publishing in the Oban Times a piobaireachd, one of my own composition, as against any one of Mr. Grant’ s compositions. I am willing to accept the verdict of your readers competent to judge?[sic]

I am, etc.,

A. MacPherson