OT: 6 December 1947 – Unsigned “The Royal Wedding March”

The Oban Times, 6 December, 1947

The Royal Wedding March

 In accordance with ancient Scottish custom, a bagpipe tune entitled “Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth’s Wedding March” has been written to mark the occasion of the Princess’s recent wedding. She has been pleased to accept the tune which was presented in the form of a de-luxe M. S. bound in royal blue letter. The tune is a four-part March in two-four time with a fine swing and a lively air.

The author is Mr. John Grant who has by Royal Command of Their Majesties, received an invitation to a party at St. James Palace, to view the wedding gifts, which, in his own words “are really magnificent.”

This is the fourth Royal Wedding March which Mr. Grant has had the distinguished honour to compose.