OT: 2 December 1933 – A. MacPherson – “The Music of the MacCrimmons”

The Oban Times, 2 December, 1933

The Music of the MacCrimmons

 Inveran Hotel, Invershin, Sutherland, 27 November, 1933

Sir,–your correspondent, Mr. A.K. Cameron, makes some bold statements in his letter appearing in your esteemed issue of 25th November. There are few, if any, in this country who will give credence to Mr. Cameron’s averments.

If piping in Australia is, to use Mr. Cameron’s own words, “a disgrace,” it certainly is not so in this country; to-day, in the Homeland, piping is at as high a standard as it has been since the days of the celebrated masters–to name a few: the Mackays, Mackenzies, Campbells, and the MacDonalds. This is due in great extent to the efforts put forward by the Piobaireachd Society and a few individual tutors, still happily with us, who got the traditional teaching of piobaireachd from men who, were they alive, would be at least thirty or forty years older than the infallible champion that Mr. Cameron speaks of, but whose name he does not divulge.

If Mr. Cameron has in his possession any piping secrets I would suggest that he gets his champion to put these on paper and send them to the secretary of Piobaireachd Society, from whom, I am certain, they will receive the most careful and unbiased treatment.

I am, etc.

A.. MacPherson