OT: 10 September 1927 – Iain Macrae “The Clan MacRae Chiefship”

The Oban Times, 10 September, 1927 

The Clan MacRae Chiefship

Glasgow, 22 August, 1927


Sir,–In your issue of the 20th instant I observe a letter from John MacRae Gilstrap, Lieut.-Colonel, in which he endeavours to belittle certain statements I made in my letter which appeared in your issue of 12th instant.
It appears to me that your correspondent has not read the Lyon’s note to the judgment which was published in the “Oban Times” on May 1, 1909, and I take this opportunity of again asking you to publish same, which is as follows:– 

Edinburgh, 22nd of April, 1909.–The Lord Lyon King of Arms, having taken the proof and heard counsel for the parties thereon, finds that the petitioner has failed to prove user of arms or supporters previous to the passing of the Act, “concerning the privilege of the office of Lyon King at Arms,” 1672. Cap. 47: refuses the prayer of the petition, and decerns. (Signed) J. Balfour Paul, Lyon. 

Note.–This is a petition for a matriculation of arms by Sir Colin MacRae, representing the old family of Inverinate, etc., etc.. 

The question of arms is the first point which I must take into consideration, because, under the terms of the petition it is not a matter of pedigree which is primarily involved, still less is it one of the Chiefship of a clan with which this Court is concerned only so far as it might be the warrant for a matriculation of supporters, etc., etc. 

But as he only asks for a matriculation of arms on the ground that his ancestors used them before 1672, and as I have found that he has not proved this, it does not appear to me that it is necessary for me to go into the question of chiefship in detail.

I think the above is enough to show your correspondent that I have read and fully understand the case which came before the Lord Lyon, and as it is impossible to dispute them why does your correspondent not accept the truth.–I am, etc., 

Iain Macrae