OT: 6 September 1930 – Padruig Og “Playing of Piobaireachd”

The Oban Times, 6 September, 1930

Playing of


 18th August 1930

Sir,–Your correspondent “MacDonnuil Dhu” draws a very dark picture of an event (perhaps the most stirring event that ever took place in the history of ancient piobaireachd) which was held in the Oddfellows’ Hall, Edinburgh, in March 1926. I was also present at that most instructive and interesting meeting; and now let me draw another picture under a brighter light.

John Grant dealt with the subject in a masterly fashion and was quite at home in his instructive art, but I leave the readers of this widely- read paper who were present at that meeting to draw their own conclusions of his opponent’s attitude and knowledge of the art of.

“MacDonnuil Dhu” says he was present at a “tongue-tied” version of by the champion of the meeting (Mr. Grant), and he boasts of being “a player of Ceol Mòr and one having a thorough knowledge of piobaireachd.” He got an opportunity to speak on that eventful evening of 26th March 1926, and he must not only have been silenced but struck dumb, for he made no attempt to give a display of his knowledge.

It is deeds that we want, “MacDonnuil Dhu,” not words. John Grant did something. You have done nothing to enlighten me on an art of which I am a great admirer.

I trust that John Grant will be long spared to instruct us in the art of piobaireachd, for he is a true MacCrimmon.–I am, etc.,

Patrick Og