OT: 31 August 1929 – John Grant “Piobaireachd”

The Oban Times, 31 August, 1929



Edinburgh, 24 August, 1929

Sir,–In to-day’s issue of the “Oban Times” Mr. A. MacPherson writes as follows:–” With the utmost cordiality, and in the most friendly spirit, I would suggest to Mr. Grant to refrain from the making of such incorrect statements.” Such a phrase is outside the scope of the liberty which one correspondent should indulge in towards another, and I resent it as quite uncalled for on Mr. MacPherson’s part.

Mr. MacPherson writes:–”Mr. Grant says that the Toarluath Trebling is simply the Toarluath Mach.” I did not say this.

What I did say was that what is now registered as Toarluath Mach was termed Trebling of Toarluath in old MS and oral tradition, and that in reality Mach only applies to Crunluath.

Again, Mr. MacPherson writes:–” In connection with Crunluath Mach, Mr. Grant says this movement is performed on B, C, and D, while the E note is sounded in each case.” I never said this. I said that the E note is played on B C in D open, which is wrong according to the correct chanter scale, or, in other words, the chanter is open upon B C and D while E is being sounded in each case.

Mr. MacPherson goes on to say that “this is not Crunluath Mach as I know it.” But the peculiar thing is he does not tell me anything about it as he knows it. I await his definition of it. Mr. MacPherson’s statements neither convey nor prove anything to the interested reader.–I am, etc.,

John Grant