OT: 5 March 1921 – A. MacPherson “Piobaireachd Playing”

The Oban Times, 5 March, 1921

Piobaireachd Playing

Invershin, Sutherland, 19 February, 1921

Sir,–The attacking forces of Piobaireachd criticism are once again displaying their views through the columns of your esteemed paper.

I think that it was Mr. MacInnes, Johannesburg who opened the campaign. It is hard to conceive that any man, bearing a Highland name, would write as he does in regard to the memory of the great MacCrimmon pipers. It is not my intention to examine at length the curious statements put forward by Mr. MacInnes. If, as Mr. MacInnes asserts, the pibroch of the old school had no time, rhythm, melody, cadence or accent, why does he not leave it alone and produced something that will satisfy his own taste and ear?

In Angus Mackay’s book of Piobaireachd, we have the music (save for a few minor errors, the fault of the printer, not of Angus Mackay), as handed down from the pipers who could both play and compose, and it is looked upon by those who are endeavouring to give Piobaireachd its rightful place in the realms of music as the standard work. Let Mr. MacInnes make no mistake about it, Angus Mackay’s Piobaireachd Book and the MacCrimmon music will live and be revered long after all the other Piobaireachd Books have been forgotten–I am, etc.,

A. MacPherson