OT: 27 April 1929 – Rory – “Ancient Piobaireachds”

The Oban Times, 27 April, 1929

Ancient Piobaireachds


Sir,–Your correspondent, Mr. John Grant, F.S.A. (Scot.), is surely not in earnest in making his latest contribution to your valuable paper. For the first time in the annals of piping Mr. Grant gives what he describes as “The Tree of Piping” from the MacCrimmons to date. The history of the so-called tree will amuse many; his life begins with the first of the MacCrimmons and ends with Mr. John Grant, F.S.A. (Scot.)! I am afraid the so-called tree has not fallen into fertile soil, and that, as proved by the fiasco leaving of not long ago in Edinburgh, convened by Mr. Grant for the purpose of demonstrating his taorluadh and crunluadh, Mr. Grant’s tree has already withered and died, and cannot be brought to life again even through the invigorating atmosphere of the “Oban Times.”–I am, etc.,