OT: 26 February 1927 – J. Cameron “Toarluadh and Crunluadh”

The Oban Times, 26 February, 1927

Toarluadh and Crunluadh

Beverley, Yorks, 12 February, 1927

Sir,–Might I suggest that a great deal of space would be saved in these discussions if examples in ordinary musical notation were given?

Does in Mr. Cameron of Montana’s excellent letter reference would be much facilitated by musical notation examples. Both the Crunluadh and Toarluadh about which so much has been written with little result are executed on the chanter in a “trice” by a note formed by a couple of “clicks.” The whole argument must appear extraordinary to non-players!

Then, why not, for both players and non-players let us have the written notes which all the “pother” is about.–I am, etc.,

J. Cameron