OT: 24 September 1927 – Malcolm MacInnes “The New ‘C’ in Piping”

The Oban Times, 24 September, 1927

The New ‘C’ in Piping

Drumfearn, Skye, 12 September, 1927

Sir.–The first time I heard this note (with G closed) I got a decided jar. I asked the piper what was the matter, and he explained (or stated) that this was the true note. I did not believe it then, nor am I satisfied yet. This note is certainly hard and resonant and very wonderful, but it seems to me to be sharp–a different pitch, and in most cases out of line with its neighbours. I think the note required is produced in the old way–or in practically every case, with of course a good reed and good fingering. Will someone kindly enlighten?–I am, etc.,

Malcolm MacInnes