OT: 18 May 1929 – Alasdair Og – “Ancient Piobaireachd”

The Oban Times, 18 May, 1929

Ancient Piobaireachd

Sir,–Your correspondent, Mr. John Grant writes to assure all readers of the “Oban Times” that he is not out for “glory” personally, but to maintain the great traditions of the past. Such being the case, one would suppose that Mr. Grant would accept every opportunity to further the performance of Piobaireachd at the present time.

Imagine, therefore, with what dismay I read that the fault was mine that I could not comprehend his statements, and that I alone–with the exception of your correspondent “Rory”–had been disgruntled, despite the fact that I had stated that I represented “many other readers”! Furthermore he refuses to explain his letter until I reveal myself. This from a Scot, professedly with the interests of Piobaireachd at heart, is almost incredible!

Thus once more do I beg Mr. Grant, if not for my sake, for that of Piobaireachd in general, to explain precisely–

Any piper who does not play Toarluath and Crunluath as Angus Mackay wrote it must be playing it correctly as noted and unaware of the fact, or if otherwise he is unskilled in the crowning movement in ancient piobaireachd.

Lastly, Mr. Grant expresses his regret that he did not know Lord Jeffrey. The more is the pity, for that, to use Mr. Grant’s own words, is his misfortune.–I am, etc.,

Alasdair Og