OT: 7 August 1915 – John Grant “The MacCrimmon Canntaireachd”

 The Oban Times, 7August, 1915

The MacCrimmon Canntaireachd.–Mr. J. Grant, 27 Comely Bank Street, Edinburgh, writes:–In a corner of your valuable paper I see a few words from a correspondent, who does not give his name. I never asked “Eilean a Cheo” to admit that I am an authority on piobaireachd. But nevertheless I must be more of an authority on “ceol mor” than this hidden writer will admit. I challenge him to say in any respect how he makes good that I do not know piobaireachd. If Mr. J. P. Grant of Rothiemurchus, speaking for himself, lets us know through your columns that he can speak, read, write and play the notation, I will be delighted to rely. I have had the pleasure of preparing a volume on piobaireachd which is the forerunner of a work of greater magnitude on the same subject.”Eilean a Cheo” can read it, and challenge me in any point, and sign his name. If after reading my book he does not believe that I am John Grant, I will still be an authority on piobaireachd while he is only “Eilean a Cheo.”