OT: 27 July 1912 – Iain Grannd [John Grant]

The Oban Times, 27 July, 1912

42 Elmfield Avenue, Aberdeen, 22 July, 1912

Sir,–I have no intention to throw cold water on any attempt which may be made in the preservation of any of our ancient customs, more especially Canntaireachd, but seeing the intimation which appeared in your columns from the pen of Dr. K. N. MacDonald, it is only fair to lay this matter before your readers. Dr. Bannatyne has offered to edit a book containing the MacLeod versions of the sol-fa notation alongside the staff notation. Now can you or any reader tell me why, if the MacLeod versions of canntaireachd are correct, or based on a scientific principle, there is any need to print the sol-fa notation alongside the staff notation. I contend that if the MacLeod of Gesto examples are correct, there is no need for such a step as we have Gesto’s book and the staff notation as well. They do not agree! When I get a copy of Dr. Bannatyne’s book I will be able to deal with his knowledge in more minute detail.–I am, etc.,

Iain Grannd