OT: 20 April 1912 – Simon Fraser “The Secrets of Canntaireachd”

The Oban Times, 20 April, 1912

The Secrets of Canntaireachd

Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia

4 March, 1912

Sir,–According to what Mr. Grant has written on the above subject, he tries to leave the impression that there is no one living now who understands the MacCrimmons’ notation or their secrets. With your kind permission, I will inform Mr. Grant that this is not correct as far as I am concerned. I am in a position to prove that I have all the scales, also the philosophy of Patrick Mor as well, and I am willing to show them and explain everything to anyone who likes to call on me personally.

Respecting Dr. Bannatyne, I put him to a severe test by sending him unnamed tunes, written in the MacCrimmon notation, that are not Macleod’s published book. The Doctor translated them, and proved to me beyond any doubt that he can translate the MacCrimmon notation. I do not wish to argue with Mr. Grant on the subject, as he has admitted that he does not understand it. If Mr. Grant thinks that he can prove that the Doctor and myself do not understand the subject, I am afraid he has taken on a contract that he will find very difficult to carry out.–I am, etc.,

Simon Fraser