OT: 30 July 1910 – Loch Duich “The Piobaireachd Society’s Music”

The Oban Times 30 July, 1910

The Piobaireachd Society’s Music

London, 22 July, 1910

Sir,–Dr. Bannatyne says I misinterpreted his letter of the 11th June last. If I did, I apologize, and only hope I did not misconstrue his letter as he did mind of the 22nd June. However, the two letters are published, and those interested must draw their own conclusions.

Dr. Bannatyne also says that I “rightly admit that a tune written at 80 m. to the minute and the same tune written at 80 c. to the minute to the minute are similar.” Certainly I do. I add this: that the tune to be written in anything–semibreves, minims, crotchets, etc.–and at the same given speed must be the same. It will be admitted, however, that according to the class of music, one or the other–minims, crotchets, etc.–would be found more suitable for whatever class of music was being written. This is what I claim for the minim as a standard note in piobaireachd. The Doctor did not say “use the metronome,” but when one talks of 80 m. to the minute, etc., the ordinary inference is the use of the metronome.–I am, etc.,

Loch Duich