OT: 22 April 1911- Ardrishaig [McGregor GPO, Edinburgh] “The Bagpipes”

The Oban Times, 22 April, 1911

The Bagpipes

Edinburgh, 18 April, 1911

Sir,–Could any reader of “The Oban Times” guide me to the earliest references as to the bagpipes in Scotland?

What I am trying to find out is whether they were imported into Scotland by the (1) Danes, or (2) Romans, or (3) the Crusaders, or (4) by the Irish.

Would any correspondent kindly help me in this matter, giving exact references, authors, and exact works, and dates when they give them? Any interesting bits about ancient bagpipe playing in Scotland will also be very welcome. –I am, etc.,

Ardrishaig [McGregor GPO, Edinburgh]