OT: 20 August 1910 – Loch Sloy “Playing a Piobaireachd”

The Oban Times 20 August, 1910

Playing a Piobaireachd

15 August, 1910

Sir,–I read in your issue of last week “Loch Duich’s” criticism of my remarks on the above. I wish them to kindly understand that I do not hold myself responsible for all “pipers.” I speak in support of our foremost pipers, who have great ability, no there work, and who do not require preaching from critics as to the rendering of piobaireachd.

“Loch Duich,” to use his own words, perpetrates a much larger “bull,” by trying to make pipers imagine that all piobaireachd can be marched to. It would be amusing to see “Loch Duich” performing the “meandering” trick, as he describes it, by marching to, say, that magnificent piobaireachd called amongst pipers “The Desperate Battle” (the Piobaireachd Society have a splendid setting of this tune).

As for my age, I am not as old as MS., with its unsettled interpretations; while I leave the ability of a Sherlock Holmes to “Loch Duich.”

I hope I am not too late in thanking your correspondent from far South Africa, Mr. J. D. R. Watt, and returning my appreciation for his remarks on canntaireachd. –I am, etc.,

Loch Sloy