OT: 15 April 1911 – Charles Bannatyne “Cumha Donnachaidh Mhic Iain”

The Oban Times, 15 April, 1911

Cumha Donnachaidh Mhic Iain”

Salsburgh, by Holytown

8 April, 1911

Sir,–in your columns of late there have appeared several letters anent this tune. In John Mackay’s MSS., written in 1846, the tune is named in Gaelic, “Cumha Donnachaidh Mhic Iain,” and in English, “Duncan MaCrae of Kintail’s Lament.” Ross’s version of the tune is poor. John Mackay was a brother of Angus, and was piper to Lord Gwydss.

Your correspondent “Piobaire” mentions the Hamilton MSS. This is left to the late Duke of Hamilton by Michael MacCarfrae, his piper in Arran, who bought all the MSS. from Angus Mackay’s widow in 1869. MacCarfrae was a pupil of Angus, and was a man of fine presence and intellect, able to converse fluently in six languages. He had five bound volumes MSS. 3 he left to the Duke, and these were copied (or more) by D. S. MacDonald, MacCarfrae’s successor, and the copy sold to Mr. Dove. The other two are in the possession of–Yours, etc.,

Charles Bannatyne, M.B., C.M.