OT: 10 June 1911 – Boreraig “Cumha Dhonnachaidh Mhic Iain”

The Oban Times, 10 June, 1911

“Cumha Dhonnachaidh Mhic Iain”

3 June, 1911

Sir,–In the correspondence columns of your issue of this date I see a correspondent, Mr. MacLennan, Edinburgh disputing a statement that I have made under this heading “that piobaireachd has nothing whatever to do with poetry.”

As Mr. MacLennan does not dispute any other part of the valuable information I have given in this case regarding the tune “Cumha Dhonnachaidh Mhic Iain” and its real origin, I only think it fair to the other members of the Clan MacRae as well as my self to open a new heading under “Piobaireachd and Poetry,” and let your correspondent settle with me there a question which I understand he applies to piobaireachd in general, and not to the tune in question. To make it quite clear, this request of Mr. MacLennan’s to hear from me regarding piobaireachd and poetry does not help Miss B. Matheson in the least to prove her claim. I still maintain and say without hesitation or doubt that she refers to a poem in verse only, and not to piobaireachd or music of any kind. – I am, etc.

Boreraig [John Grant]