OT: 26 September 1908 – Cowal Pipe Band Contest

Edinburgh, 22nd September, 1908

Cowal Pipe Band Contest

Sir,–” Old Bandsman” asks for information. The first year of the band contest with a shield was won by the 1st V. B. H. L. I., there was the usual crop of misstatements. If I remember aright, all of these were disposed of at the time by the able secretary. It is quite correct that the 1st V. B. H. L. I. Band was, as your correspondent puts it, “nowhere,” owing to the bass drummer having the misfortune to drop one of his sticks, that being held sufficient to disqualify. This year I am certain there was no mistake about the place awarded the band on its merits.

Judges have nothing whatever to do with prefixes such as “well-known,” “superior,” “celebrated,” etc.” Though if any band deserves either title, I think the 5th Battalion H. L. I. Band have a good claim to it. They have won all the open competitions for bands this year, viz.:–Scottish National Exhibition, Edinburgh Challenge, Broxburn Shield, Airdrie Challenge Cup, and the Argyle Shield. I think this forms in unique record, and ought to be information to “Old Bandsman.” It is true that one of the bands with the prefix showed their feelings when Pipe Major MacDougall Gillies was called upon to receive the badges. This is to be regretted, as it is calculated to give a bad impression of the parties who indulged in it. I must have missed the ovation given the second and third bands. Where did it take place? There was only one presentation.

The criticism against the judges of being determined to do the Police Band injustice may safely be ignored.–I am, etc.,