OT: 16 April 1910 – David Glen (1)

The Oban Times, Saturday, 16 April, 1910

Edinburgh, 11 April, 1910

Sir,–Permit me, in justice to the memory of the late Angus Mackay, to correct the traditional statement made by “Mal Dhonn” in his letter to you, which appears in your issue of the second curt. This statement appears in the second last paragraph, beginning:–” tradition says Angus Mackay himself wept over the errors which his book contained when he received the first issue from the press, it is complete form, as it was then too late for him to remedy them.”

Now, Sir, you and your readers may take it from me that this tradition is quite untrue. Mackay did correct the first addition before sending the second to the press. The corrected sheets were in my possession for many years. Careful comparison of the two editions will bear the statement of mine out.–I am, etc.,

David Glen